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Move Forward, Positively!

The right tech systems means the right workflow.
And the right workflow means an efficient, productive, happy dental practice.

Whether you’re a small single dental practitioner or a large Dental Service Organization, every dentist would do better dentistry and make more money with optimized office technology solutions.

We deliver advanced innovations plus exclusive success scoring tools with positive benchmarks.

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Introducing Wrkflo.

Wrkflo is providing Dentists throughout the US with a complete package of innovations designed by a dentist for dentists.

Wrkflo is your roadmap to a custom designed, proven, dental workflow with the tools you need and the tech you want. Wrkflo brings all of your systems together to provide a seamless integration to leverage your staff’s workflow and provide the foundation you need!

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Your New Workflow

WrkFlo products save you time, increase revenue, increase staff efficiency, and bring your office into the 21st Century!

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Cloud PM Hosting
Cloud PM Hosting

Hosting your Open Dental database on the cloud is now easy, secure and HIPAA compliant with Wrkflo. Patient data is backed up automatically in multiple locations, access is easy from anywhere, and there’s an added layer of IT management.

You get protection from viruses, ransonware, spyware and hacker intrusions in a safe environment for patient data. And your data is always your data.

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Maximize every opportunity on every phone call with instant information provided by Wrkflo’s Patient-Pop! Staff is immediately alerted to vital pieces of data about the patient including unscheduled treatment plans, past-due balances, missed appointments and more.

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Stay on top of office workflow by syncing notifications, reminders, tasks and alerts automatically to Apple watches.

Apple watches bring shared resources to your office and enable your staff to communicate quickly and easily.

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IM Hub

Staff can communicate with one another effectively and safely with HIPAA compliant Instant Messaging. This interoffice tool can be used on a computer, Apple Watch or on a mobile phone with our mobile app technology.

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No more shredding, scanning or manual data entry! Save your staff valuable time by enabling patients to easily fill out and update forms online before their appointment or in office on tablets. Forms are pre-populated and sync with the practice management software.

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Boost your show rate, reactivate patients and keep your chairs full with customized, patient communication! Automated emails, texts and voice calls update the schedule with confirmations and cancellations to keep the patient flow consistent. Give patients the ability to fill out paperwork before their appointments with Paperless Forms integrated into Reminders.

Wrkflo brings all of your systems together to provide a seamless integration to leverage your staff’s workflow and provide the foundation you need!

Isn’t it time to consolidate your patient communication with one solution and one company?

Super charge your Practice…choose the Wrkflo that works best for you! Jump on a free Wrkflo demo and see the future of your practice Today!

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And there’s more!

Wrkflo is behind many DSO’s nationwide.

The biggest issue we encounter is centralization of multi-location practices. There is incredible value to having a centralized solution that effectively manages all your patient communication. The Wrkflo system powered by our tech innovation DentalTek is specifically built to handle multiple locations and streamline the workflow for your staff.

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